By approving pipelines, like Kinder Morgan, Prime Minister Trudeau has shown the world that he doesn’t take his climate promises seriously — the math just doesn’t add up.

When politicians refuse to act, people and institutions have to step up and lead.  That’s why I’m writing you today to ask you to call on Canada’s most iconic museum to cut ties with the dirtiest oil lobby in the country — the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP).

The esteemed Canadian Museum of History shouldn’t take money from sleazy oil lobbyists. Can you add your name to the petition calling on the Museum to cut ties to CAPP?

This is the last year of CAPP’s sponsorships agreement with the Museum of History which gives it a unique opportunity to stand out as a leader.

CAPP has heavily lobbied Prime Minister Trudeau and his ministers since they took office to push forward dirty fossil fuel projects and block strong climate action policies. Sponsoring respected cultural institutions — like the Canadian Museum of History — is just a blatant attempt by CAPP to cover up and normalize this dirty work. And the Museum simply should not stand for it.

I hear that the decision makers at the Museum of History have a big meeting coming up in less than a week. The Canada team at plans to show up there with thousands of signatures calling on the Museum to cut CAPP. Sign the petition today so you can add your voice — speaking up right now could make all the difference.

Just imagine the kind of signal it would send to the Canadian government if the most iconic cultural institution in the country cut ties to Big Oil. It would show politicians like Trudeau that people and cultural institutions alike refuse to fall for the oil lobby’s dirty tricks — and the government should too. Tell the Museum to stand on the right side of history and cut CAPP.


Bill McKibben