Over a dozen people showed up in the rain and cold to demonstrate against a VIP event to preview an exhibit sponsored by Big Oil at the Canadian Museums Association conference. They had a simple message: the Canadian Museum of History should cut ties to the dirtiest Big Oil lobby in the country (CAPP). Check out the video from the event:

The demonstration caused quite a stir. Despite the Museum’s management advising conference delegates to avoid the group, many delegates came outside to ask questions about the relationship between CAPP and the Museum, and to show support for opening up dialogue about oil sponsorships.

#CutCAPP demonstration at Canadian Museum Association Conference

Hover over this image to see more photos from the action. Photography Credit: John Finnigan, finnsquare.com 

This was an eye opening experience for many people who truly believe that the Museum of History can do better. It’s time for the Museum to follow the leadership of institutions like the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Tate Modern in London — both of which ended their relationship to to Big Oil.

It’s time for Canada’s most iconic museum to #CutCAPP. Make sure you sign the petition and share it with your friends!