Christopher Columbus discovered America. NOT!

The belief that Christopher Columbus discovered America is apparently widespread. In a 2005 survey from the University of Michigan, 85% of Americans believed that Columbus discovered the continent while only 2% of respondents were able to correctly answer that Columbus couldn’t have possibly discovered America because Native Americans already lived here.

Lincoln freed the slaves. WRONG AGAIN!!

The historical interpretation of Lincoln emancipating slaves in the United States isn’t so wrong as it is simplistic. In that narrative of history, Lincoln fought the Civil War over slavery, and the Emancipation Proclamation and Thirteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution were his legal tools for ending slavery.

But that narrative displaces slaves from the center of the narrative and focuses only on the actions of one white man. While Lincoln, significantly, chose to wage the Civil War rather than not, and took legal steps to grant former slaves citizenship, slaves themselves struggled for centuries to be recognized as people under the law and escape their bondage.

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